Inspiration for "No-makeup Makeup" from the World: Bella Hadid

Inspiration for "No-makeup Makeup" from the World: Bella Hadid

Later, women prefer the look of a beautiful natural face. This type of makeup that seems to be without makeup gives a fresh natural impression. A number of world celebrities like makeup makeup no-makeup. Who are they and how is the trick?

In the video for Dior, Bella Hadid shows how to make makeup with the no-makeup makeup concept. He only uses pink lip scrub to reinforce the natural color of the lips and liquid foundation with matching skin color.

Bella Hadid's makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo said the key to makeup no-makeup makeup is clean and fresh skin.
Vincent suggested wearing a long lasting foundation.

"In order not to be too thick, brush the foundation with a soft brush. Better yet if the foundation is mixed with moisturizer. This gives a fresh impression on your face, "Vincent told.

Beauty Routine ala Bella Hadid
Before entering the tips to get a fresher look on your face, it's good if you know what products are usually used by Gigi Hadid's sister. Bella claims to have a lot of beauty products, but for everyday she only depends on moisturizer and toner. As for makeup, Bella chooses mascara, eyebrow pencil, and bronzer. Bella also likes to use clay mask especially after a long tiring day.

Main weapon is Concealer

Bella, in a video for Vogue magazine, said this time she looked tired from traveling for 2 full months. What is the solution to this fatigue face? Bella answers it with concealer. The concealer he uses almost all parts of the face, especially under the eyes because Bella has dark circles, also on the chin, nose, forehead, also on the cheeks. "Put it, like, everywhere," he said. After that, Bella uses Beautyblender to blend the concealer.

Don't Forget to Strengthen Your Face

He used a little contour stick on his cheeks and then blended using Beautyblender. Bella also flattened a little contour product on her jawline to reinforce facial contours. Of course, as an ambassador of Dior, Bella uses Diorblush Light and Contour Sculpting Stick Duo.

Makeup for Eye Parts

First, Bella uses eyebrow pencil to fill her thin eyebrows. Next focus on the lashes, Bella prepares her lashes using primary lash before using black mascara. Then, Bella uses a finger to apply a gold eyeshadow on her eyelids. Do not forget to also use the eyeshadow for the inner corner so as to make the eyes look brighter.

Give a little touch of highlighter and lip gloss

Bella chooses powder highlighter to give a softer face highlight. This is to give a fresh look with no makeup look. Bella applies the highlighter using powder brush to the cheeks and also under the brow bone. After tying her hair into topknot, Bella completes her appearance with a few glow of light pink lip gloss.

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